Funky Jazz

Offered to all ages and abilities

Helping coordination, rhythm, Musicality along with stamina, strength & Flexibility.
In our school Jazz evolves, changes and develops in style and character depending on the teacher and student age / suitability.

  • Traditional Jazz Technique - Gives the skills to Kick, Turn, Leap Funky foot work & Isolations.
  • Theatrical - Different skills & styls to bring out a theme / storey or charactor.
  • Funk - Body rythm & complex movements.
  • Hip hop & Urban jazz - Gives skills with a more grounded approch with a street feel of today.


Age 3 to 7 - Funky traditional & theatrical jazz skills are incorporated in all classes .
Age 8 to 12 - Traditional Jazz skills along with Funk & Hip hop are taught in our Kids Dance & Junior Funky Jazz.
Teens - Funk, Urban Jazz & Hip hop skills are taught in  our General & intermediate classes.
Experienced Advanced levels - Focus on Technique, Urban Jazz & Hip hop.
Adult Beginners - Traditional Jazz skill, Theatrical & Funk are incorporated in contemporary classes.
Special Needs - Traditional funky jazz & Theatrical skills are incorporated in all classes.