Classical Ballet

We believe Ballet provides a good postural foundation for all Genres of dance.

At present Ballet classes are open  & also  following the Living Dance Curriculum.

This year we are providing the option for those who desire to do Exams through the Living Dance  International Curriculum.

From age 3 to 7 - we incorporate a taste of Ballet in all classes along with other styles of dance.

Junior Ballet - From age 6-7 up to 10 depending on ability. 1 Hour class, starting with barre work and progressing to centre practise.

Middle Ballet - From age 9-10 to High school age. 1 Hour of classical technique, Barre and centre work.

Senior Ballet - High school age up. 1&1/2 Hour of Barre and centre work with contemporary incorporated. The option of POINT WORK is offered after this class. 

Adult Experienced -  Intermediate / Advanced levels. 1&1/4 Hour class of Barre & centre work. 

Adult / Teen Beginners - 1 Hour of Barre and centre work, lets start at the very beginning.