Acrobatic classes

Our teacher is Taylor Tedge.

Taylor is trained in Acrobatics under the Australian Performing Arts Syllabus. Completing up to grade 9 in both teaching and dancer. This qualification enables her to safely spot and instruct kids to help them improve and learn new skills.

In this class we will be working on

- Strength as you need to be strong to execute these skills

- Flexibility

- single balances ( handstands, elbow stands, head stands and chest stands both on the floor and on different apparatuses’ )

- group balances and lifts

- Tumbling ( kids will be split into groups depending on different levels, so they all get one on one time to work on new tricks depending on what level they are at)

In this class they will be spotted in all different types of tricks from cartwheels, forward and backwards walk overs, handsprings, backflips, side arial’s and also continuas flips.

They will also learn items for the concert.